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Otium Wireless Earbuds

The Otium wireless earbuds are peerless way to stay connected while out on a walk or during your next sport event, with our hands-free experience, you can focus on your sport or phone call. The earbuds will keep your music playing until you no longer have any connection to the world, Otium sports earbuds are unequaled pair of earbuds for when you want to stay in the moment and not worrying about after thoughts.

Otium T21 Wireless Earbuds Manual

The Otium t21 wireless earbuds are new series of earbuds from atmos, they are blend of traditional wireless earbuds with bluetooth 5. 0 support and a digital intelligence led display, this series is designed for busy lifestyles where privacy and convenience are key. The Otium t21 is available in small and large size, and they come in black and green, the Otium wireless earbuds are new breed of bluetooth earbuds that offer an innovative digital intelligence to help you keep hear your music to the fullest. These earbuds are uncomplicated to operate with a global signal with a built in speaker, making them excellent for expanded music listening, plus, the high-quality ear cups will keep your head cool all day long. They are units of the apple iphone which have been designed with bluetooth 5, 0 and a digital intelligence led. They are these earbuds are able to allow you to make use of your voice and data while them, as well as continue to operate your control over your music and videos while they are on the move, the Otium wireless earbuds with bluetooth 5. 0 are exceptional surrogate to enjoy the latest wireless technology in your phone, with these earbuds, you can easily make calls, take videos or pictures, and get sporty with your gaming with the ease of use.