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Google Pixel 3 Wireless Earbuds

Looking for an alternative to music without having to carry around two earbuds? Get your denied on! The wired earbuds are top-of-the-heap surrogate to do that! They come with a built in audio jack, so you can easily connect to your phone and audio system without having to find and remove each earbud, they also have a comfortable fit and a terrific sound quality for your music and action needs.


For Google Pixel 3a XL/3a/3

By Unbranded


- White - Faulty.

3 x Google Pixel Buds

By Google


Wireless Earbuds Pixel 3

The wireless earbuds are fantastic alternative to stay connected while you are on the go, they are top-of-the-line surrogate for a shopper scouring for a cost-effective alternative to hear what they are doing in peace. The earbuds are able to connect to your phone and work with Google Pixel 6 pro 5 4 3, these earbuds are beneficial for your Google Pixel 3 pro! They come with a bluetooth wireless speaker and allow you to adopt your voice to control your content. You can also control your content through your phone's speaker if you need to, these earbuds also come with your favorite deductions, like built-in mic and noise cancelling capabilities. The Google Pixel 3 wireless earbuds are the latest in the Google Pixel line of earbuds, they have a strong, design with of into each ear canal. They have a larger than average battery life and are also they will work with the Google Pixel 2 xl 3 a xl and the Google Pixel 2 xl 3 they also have a built in sound system which is update to the android 7, 0 nougat. They are mini-sized and will fit comfortably around your ear, while the sound quality is excellent, they will keep you connected and connected to your Google platform.